What Are Escape Rooms?

4 Jul

What Are Escape Rooms?

Are you starting to get bored of doing the same activities again and again? Are you ready to try something that adds a little excitement to your day? Have you ever wondered if you could figure out “who done it?” or cure the zombie apocalypse before all is lost? If you answered yes to any of these questions, escape rooms in Los Angeles could be just what you are looking for.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms are the latest craze that are working their way throughout the country. An escape room is an interactive game where you are “trapped” in a room. You and your group work to solve clues and puzzles around the room to find a way to escape. However, they take it up a notch with creative story telling that creates a story as to why you are in the room in the first place. For example, you may have traveled back in time and were captured by pirates. It’s your job to find your way off the ship or suffer the consequences. Or, you have entered a murder scene. The police believe it was a suicide, but you disagree. You have an hour to solve the crime before they close the case forever.

Where Did They Come From?

Escape rooms originated from the success of “escape-the-room” type video games. These games originated in Japan and quickly became popular throughout the world. Online escape-the-room style games did not always provide the storytelling experience that you receive when attending an escape room.
Live escape rooms began taking off oversees in Asia and Europe several years ago. They have been finding crazy success and have spread all around the United States. They  create opportunities for you to get you out from behind the screens, use critical thinking and group participation, all while providing a sense of adventure.

How does it Work?

You participate in escape rooms with a group of people. If you have enough people your group can be in a room alone, if not, you can be paired with other groups. When you arrive you will be filled in with your story, locked in your room, and the timer will start. The majority of escape rooms will give you just one hour to find the clues, solves the puzzles, and find your way out of the room.
Most escape rooms in Los Angeles and around the country will provide you with three hints throughout the hour. The catch is, since your group is working together, you will have to agree when to ask for a hint. You have to think outside of the box, look at things a new way, and not overlook the obvious. Things aren’t always as they seem in an escape room.

Why do People Love Escape Rooms in Los Angeles?

Life has become incredibly predictable and people are growing tired of it. We are creatures that love excitement, adventure, and solving problems. However, many people spend all of their time know in front of a computer screen, smart phone or television. There are apps that solve problems for us. While they help to make life easy, it steals something that we crave.
That is what people are finding in escape rooms in Los Angeles. They are finding a new way to connect with people. A way to escape the stress of “real life” and find an adventure. They feel like they have traveled to a different world, while they could be just minutes from home. Escape rooms are incredible addictive. A sense of adrenaline builds as you try to beat the clock. When the experience is over it gives you something to laugh about, talk about, and strategize about with your friends. You find yourself thinking about it for hours after, what you should have done different or would have never figured out with a hint. You find yourself anticipating when you can go again to another room.
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