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4 May

Tricks to win escape room games

You have never done escape room before? Hm…. What are you waiting for? Hurry up! It will be unforgettable and the great escape room experience for you and your friends. We know 5 very effective tricks, which will help you to solve the puzzles very efficiently and escape in time. We recommend you to use these 5 effective tips to achieve great results during the game.

#1 Play with friends or arrange team-building event

The first rule – book the whole escape room beforehand and only for your friends or company. When you want to hold the team building event, do not invite your friends to join and vise versa. The team works better when they have something in common, for instance, common context for communication. Also, it is not interesting for young people (20-something years old) to play with family bringing their children.

#2 Do not get hung up

When you can’t figure out the solution of the puzzle or task for a long time, then it is time to take over on the puzzle. However, it would be better, if you ask your teammates to help you. Remember, that escape room game is designed for intense cooperation and working together. In addition, cooperation with team members allows your group to make sure, puzzles do not get forgotten. Also, you will make sure, that there are enough eyes  on unsolved puzzles. Do not panic, when you can’t figure out the right solution. That means, you do not have all necessary information.

#3 Be attentive to the words of your teammates

Do not be afraid to try everything during the game. When members of your team offer you crazy, but somewhat reasonable idea, the try it! You need to listen to your teammates. Every idea moves you closer to the final solution! So, do not hesitate as you have only 60 minutes to escape!

Get the great escape room experience

the great escape room

#4 Scream loudly what you find

When you tell your team about things you found, it tends to be very effective. The main principe of escape room games –  working together. When your teammates know about things you found, there will be more chances to match related items together (for example key and lock) and escape in time.

#5 Do puzzles what other teammates aren’t working on

It is necessary to spread apart your team. Each member of your team should work on puzzles. It helps your teammates to be maximally effective.  In addition, it will help to solve puzzles, which are hard to do at first glance. When each team member has a task, there are no chances that some puzzles will be undone.