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19 Apr

Top reasons to visit an escape room with your company

We cannot deny, that work is pretty boring. We may try to love our job, but work is still work. It’s not a secret, most people are thinking about going home from the start of working day. The better companies, chiefs or bosses do their best to improve working conditions and atmosphere. They start offering different perks to interest their employees: offer free food, parties and corporate team building activities. Right!? What would you say, if you had escape room challenge during your team building event?

As usual, employees do not like such kind of events. They are considered to be boring and annoying. Most people feel uncomfortable when they are forced to spend time with their coworkers. However, we know how to impress you and your colleagues. The main aim of corporate events is to show your employees how cool the company is! Do not miss this chance by having boring event! Thanks to team building events you will break work monotony, rest from work, build team spirit among your employees. It is also great ice breaker with new members of your team. Successful outing improves morale and stimulates employees to work better.

team building activities

What kind of corporate team building activities to arrange?

It is hard to choose activity that allows «bonding» in a short period of time. Such activities as bowling, laser tags or sport events are quite interesting and exciting, but only for a handful of the entire staff. When you are thinking about the perfect place to hold team building event, then escape room will be a perfect choice! It goes without saying that escape rooms have become a go-to for company events and corporate outings. Escape the room LA is very popular place among both teenagers and adults.  You can be sure that escape room challenge will make everyone say «Wow, I had a great time!».

Escape the room was designed for intense cooperation and working together, where communication is of vital importance. Most importantly, each member of your team will have great and full of fun day. The escape room game is a good platform for bonding in short period of time. In order to escape in time, each teammate has to actively participate by searching and solving puzzles and quests. The escape game can stimulate natural strength of each team member. You will see, that every person has a role to play. Someone will hold information in the head, the detail-oriented person will keep track of what’s been done and what’s left to do, etc. Also, you can know exactly how long the company event will last. With a scheduled start and stop time for the escape room, your event won’t drag on forever, and everyone can get home in time for dinner with the family.