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5 Apr

Tips on how to prepare for escape room game?

When you have never done escape rooms before, then it would be unforgettable experience for you. Give it a shot. However, before playing an escape room challenge, we recommend you to read our tips on how to prepare for such exciting experience.

The escape room challenge in Los Angeles – have a great time with your teammates

When you are going to visit an escape room, then you should take into account that you will need to look under things or even crawl under different objects. That’s why we advise you to wear comfortable and stretchy cloth. It would be good, if you meet with your teammates beforehand at a caffe or a bar that is close to the escape room. There you can discuss strategy and come up with a game plan! Good skills, quick logic, knowledge of morse code and other talents will help you solve all challenging puzzles and quests.

Escape room ghallenge

We advise you to eat prior to playing escape games. You need to be in good mental and physical condition. It is necessary for you to be as focused as possible, because working against the clock requires maximum concentration. Also, we strongly discourage drinking alcohol prior to playing escape room games. Drinking alcohol may lead to breaking something in the room.

You will be instructed prior to the game

Before the game, you will receive and instruction and introduction of what to expect. Be concentrated and listen to the rules very attentively to avoid misunderstandings. The rules will help you to solve the puzzles more faster. After the introduction, you will find out the backstory to your room.