The Queen Anne’s Revenge Escape Room


“Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate’s life for me.” Or at the least you will wish for that when faced with your real punishment. The year is 1710. After a rowdy night you wake up with your team to find yourselves setting out to sea aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge. The shore is growing smaller and smaller as you head towards the open ocean. If you can’t escape from the pirates and make your way off the ship you will be sold into slavery… or worse! Can you avoid the pirates while solving the clues to find your way back home?

Quest Factory invites you to test your skills on board what experts call one of the most immersive and beautiful escape rooms they have ever seen. The room can accommodate groups of two to six and it is a favorite of children and adults. You only have 60 minutes to make it off the Queen Anne’s Revenge before you are lost at sea forever!

2 - 640%
7 of 1080%


Do you like stories about pirates? We invite you to experience real-life room escape game and avoid pirates’ punishment. Your teammates will have only one hour to figure out how to get out of the room. The created circumstances bring about excitement, joy and big amount of adrenaline. To say other words, you will get unique live experience of physically being part of a mystery.

Queen Anne’s Revenge –  the most immersive and beautiful escape rooms

In order to escape, the members of your team have to manage themselves efficiently with each other. In such a way an amazing team-building spirit will be created. Room escape game «Queen Anne’s Revenge» designed to taste your logic and teamwork ability. Work as a team with other players to escape within 60-minutes. This room contains a lot of interesting tasks, clues, and puzzles, which challenge each member of your team. The escape game «Queen Anne’s Revenge» is a great team building activity. Working in a team, by solving obstacles in your way to freedom, you will become closer. It is one of top escape rooms in Los Angeles, CA. The recommended age for this escape room is 12 or older. We will be happy to see you in our escape room. Hope you will choose us for your next outing.