The Clinic Escape Room


The Quest Factory is proud to present the next generation Escape Room, “The Clinic”! This state-of-the-art horror-themed room would not disappoint! It also happens to be the largest Escape Room in Los Angeles with over 1500sq feet to explore. We’ve combined the best elements of Horror Mazes & Escape Rooms to create a truly unforgettable experience!

There is a demented doctor determined to create the perfect human. You have been kidnapped and brought to his Clinic to become his latest specimen. Escape before the doctor returns to continue his demented experiments.

2 - 640%
7 of 1080%


The horror-themed room «Clinic» is an hour of fun, which created by skillful and innovative designers. This room has quickly become one of the most popular and fun activities in Los Angeles. The room escape game «Clinic» is designed for parties of 2 to 6 players.  When you experience room escape games, you will be totally removed from your real world. You and members of your team will focus on nothing but escape.

State-of-the-art horror-themed room “The Clinic”

Our room is perfect for family, friends, and co-workers of all experience levels. Moreover, the one will lock your team in a room, where your aim is to make your ultimate escape. You and your teammates have only sixty minutes to uncover all secrets of the room by solving quizzes and brainteasers, using creativity and logic. Clinic escape game is an exciting adventure, which challenges each member of your team. This escape the room game is full of fun, interesting puzzles, and mysteries. Work as a team and put your skills to escape before the time runs. Can you do it? By figuring out the clues and solving the puzzles, your teammates will become closer. No matter whether you are first timer or hard-core gamer, this exciting live escape room game will impress you from the first minute!