The Aztec Escape Room


Your team of archaeologists discovered an ancient Aztec pyramid in the middle of the Jungle. One of your teammates has accidentally triggered a hidden trap, which locked you in and split up your team in half. These Aztec ruins contain could be very dangerous. Reunite with your team and Escape before it’s too late.

Quest Factory is proud to present our latest creation, The Aztec Escape Room. This room can accommodate up to 8 people. You have 60 minutes to find the rest of your team and escape, before The Aztec claims another victim.

3 - 885%
8 of 1090%


Archaeologist is very interesting and full of mysteries job. Investigation of ancient places is very exciting. That’s why we have decided to create adventure themed-room «Aztec». This escape room games accommodate up to 8 players, so big team can experience this game. This is the most exciting escape game room in Los Angeles, CA. Skillful designers and engineers created this escape room games to stimulate your imagination, logic and brain.

Adventure-themed escape room «Aztec»

This escape the room in Los Angeles contains a mystery, which members of your team need to solve. «Aztec» room has quickly become popular.  Your team will be trapped into the room. Play as a team and work together to figure our puzzles find clues and escape in less than one hour. Think fast and it will help you to beat the ticking clock. This quest is exciting adventure, which will impress each individual. We strive to provide unforgettable experience through our escape room.