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Quest Factory invites you to try to find your way out of the largest Escape Room in Los Angeles (over 1500 sq feet). This horror-themed room is the perfect combination of a Halloween Maze and an Escape Room. Teams of two to six people have just 60 minutes to escape!

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Quest Factory invites you to test your skills on board what experts call one of the most immersive and beautiful escape rooms they have ever seen. The room can accommodate groups of two to six and it is a favorite of children and adults. You only have 60 minutes to make it off the Queen Anne’s Revenge before you are lost at sea forever!

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Quest Factory invites you to try to beat our clock in solving the Impossible Mission! This Spy-themed room is built with state-of-the-art technology to keep you guessing. You can work the case with groups of three to eight, but you only have 60 minutes to stop the terrorists.

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Quest Factory invites you to experience our newest creation. This Adventure-themed room would place you in the middle of the ancient Aztec pyramid with hidden treasures and danger. This room could accommodate a team of up to 8 players. You would really need to sharpen your teamwork skills to succeed in this game. 

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Quest Factory invites you to try your skills at our newest escape room. This smaller sized room is the perfect fit for group with children, and those that are new to the world of escape rooms. But, with a shorter time limit, of 35 minutes, it’s fun for everyone and can fit groups with up to four people.

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You’re a group of scientists, and thieves have ambushed your lab in an attempt to steal your rediscovered species. You managed to keep them out of their hands but now you must find them and return them to their incubators before it’s too late.

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The Quest Factory is one of the premier escape game rooms in the USA. We are specialized in escape games to provide you with happy moments. Such perfect environment stimulates both your imagination and mind while having fun. Escape room Los Angeles is famous for  its tech-advanced, fascinated, picturesque and immersive escape rooms.

Quest Factory – the best way to entertain family and friends

To visit escape room is a good idea for people, who want to relax and have a fun with friends or family. When you are looking to build team spirit among your colleagues, our rooms are the best way for the company or department to get out and practice unforgettable team-building experience. After escape games your team members will be closer. Because we designed our games for fruitful cooperation and working together, where constant communication needed.

Quest Factory invites you to experience our innovative escape rooms to keep you guessing.We have got 6 different rooms for all experience levels. Each of our escape games has its own story, difficulty level and theme. So, experience escape artist and the first timer may enjoy our games. The one will lock you in a room, where you must work in a team in order to escape and beat our clock. You have only 60 minutes to find the clues and escape.