Escape Rooms Make a Great Team Building Activity

4 Jul

Escape Rooms Make a Great Team Building Activity

One of the many challenges that businesses face is keeping their employees united. And this isn’t a new issue. Henry Ford, many years ago, said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Many businesses do not struggle with the first portion of this quote, but they do with the last. Over the years, companies have begun to realize the importance of team building activities. When everything is focused purely on business, tensions can begin to rise and lines are drawn in the sand. Team building activities help pull everyone back together. The new escape room trend provides companies with a fun team building activity.

Why Escape Rooms are Great for Team Building Activities

Escape rooms are interactive challenges that involve putting a group into a locked room and giving them a limited time to find their way out. They have to look around the room and check objects to find clues, solve puzzles, and find their way out. Teams are given a limited amount of hints or clues that they can use if everyone agrees. Escape rooms make great team building activities for employees for the following reasons:

Improves Communication

Employees need to be able to communicate well to succeed in business. The same is true for escape rooms. There needs to be a proper mix of listening and sharing ideas. When employees are put into a challenge like an escape room together, they are encouraged to improve their communication by their drive to win. Everyone wants to make it out of an escape room and beat the clock. The puzzles and clues are difficult for the majority of people and proper communication is the only way to get out. Employees learn that there are times when they need to call someone out, or make suggestions.

Strategize Together

When you put a group of employees together into an escape room they have to work together. To escape in the allotted time they will need to use each person’s strengths together. Some tasks could take more than one person to complete. It is easy for people to get stuck in their thinking. When they work together they are more likely to create a winning strategy. This is the same in business. When teams have worked through an escape room together it helps them to discover each others strengths, which makes it easier for them to trust each other.

Lead and Follow

A common trait in groups that fail to escape is the lack of a leader, or too many leaders. Just as in business, there will be people that will naturally rise to the challenge of leading an escape room. If everyone leads there is no one to follow and the group splits. If no one leads then not a lot gets accomplished and they remain stuck. Escape rooms create great environments for helping some people to rise to the leadership level that would never have put themselves in that position.

Get Creative

Business is challenging and the ones that stand out from the crowd are the ones that think outside of the box. The same holds true in escape rooms in Los Angeles. Clues and puzzles are not usually easy to spot and things are not always as they seem. It takes a mix of logic and creativity to beat the clock and escape. Escape rooms provide the perfect environment for employees to work together with their mix of creativity and by the book thinking.

Have Fun!

The main reason for doing a team building activity is to have fun and pull your team together. The stress of business can accumulate until tensions are high and people are frustrated with each other. That is not the environment that people can succeed in. Getting everyone out of the office and into a false reality game help pull them back together as a team. Employees have to set their differences aside, their positions aside, and their work aside, to work alongside one another.

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