Date Night Ideas in LA

31 Oct

Date Night Ideas in LA

Dinner and a movie can get old. If you want to create the perfect first date or shake up your weekly date night, it’s time to get creative. If you are looking for a new idea to impress your date in LA give one of these a try:

Throwback Thursday skate night

There is something fun and charming about roller skating on a date. It’s probably been awhile since you went roller skating, but that makes it even more fun to tie up the skates and hit the rink. You can cling on to each other as you fight to make it around the ring. And, you can’t beat music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s to skate to. Combine this with dinner from the snack counter and you have created a fun date night to relive your childhood.

Nighttime bike ride

The Passage is a group that meets at a donut shop each week and takes off for a nighttime bike ride. Along the hours of biking, they check out some of the lesser seen areas. One night you might stop off at a pool hall or go on a hike or any number of other fun and possible unusual activities. If you like this idea, but don’t care to join a group then plan a route on your own. You and your date can work together to come up with the perfect stops along the way.

Do a western night

Pretend you are out in the wild west for your date night. Go on a horse ride through Griffith Park together. You will take in stunning views of the city throughout the guided tour. If you go on the right day you can end your ride with some delicious barbecue. If they don’t provide it there you can stop off at a hole in the wall style barbecue joint. Make sure you both dress the part to have the full experience.

Escape Room

Use your date night to see how well you can work together (see also team building) at an escape room. Try your hand at finding a cure to stop the zombies or see if you can escape off a pirate ship together before they sail off into the middle of the ocean without you. The Quest Factory Escape Rooms allows your group, even if you don’t meet the minimum number, to go through the room with just your party, instead of combining you with strangers. That means you can enjoy the entire experience just the two of you. See how you well you work as a team and let your strengths and weaknesses compliment each other as you solve the puzzles.

Have a mystery date night

LA is full of fun and unusual date night ideas. You can put this to work for you with a mystery date night. Grab two hats (or bowls or any kind of container) then mark one for dinner and one for activity. Write down all the ideas that you can think of and throw them into the hats. Then you can simply shake them up and pull one piece of paper out of each hat and ta-da… instant date night.  Set the rule beforehand that you both have to agree to do whatever comes out of the hats.

Date night doesn’t need to be the same old thing week after week. If you start to shake it up with some different activities you can discover new hobbies that you enjoy together. It also makes going to the movies or dinner feel like a special treat when you do decide to go that route. Enjoy!