Corporate Events

Many years ago, Henry Ford, said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” One of the keys to success within an organization is good team work. That involves employees having good communication and everyone working together in a way that allows their strengths to shine. It is not only necessary, but to your advantage to pull your employees together from time to time for corporate team building activities.

Corporate Team Building Activities

Don’t subject your office to the same old, tired team building activities. The Quest Factory is the place for a team to work together and achieve one goal: Success.

Corporate Events and Team Building Activities

Communicate – For a team to find solutions, overcome challenges and beat the clock they have to be able to communicate effectively. They need to learn how to share ideas and listen to the others. They have to collaborate in order to win. As a result, competition will pull them together.

Strategize Together – Each employee has different strengths. Furthermore, through leveraging strengths your team will learn to trust each other and see each other succeed.

Get Creative – Creativity breeds success in business and in escape rooms at the Quest Factory. Your team will get creative and think outside of the box to solve the clues.

Have Fun! – No employee wants to go to a boring corporate team building day. Excite your employees and get them involved, bring them to an escape room at the Quest Factory.

Team Building Activities in LA

If you are ready to give your team the experience of a lifetime. Contact The Quest Factory today to start planning your corporate team building event. We can accommodate groups with up to 35 people onsite. Email us at [email protected], call (213) 805-6179 or fill out the Contact form on this page. Also, your personal event coordinator will help you create a fun, exciting, and creative corporate team building day!

In addition, each room is under video surveillance enabling us to monitor your team interaction. We will interpret and evaluate the group dynamic. Ultimately this information will help your group to better enhance future team performance at your workplace.