19 Feb

5 Fun Corporate Team-Building Ideas Everyone Would Enjoy

One of the keys to building a successful business is to create a team culture within your company. Your entire company will run better when your employees are on the same page with each other. Team building activities are a great way to accomplish this task. When you pull your employees out of their regular activities they have a chance to connect with each other in a way outside of their work tasks. Here are 5 fun corporate team building ideas that your employees will love.

Team Building Activities Ideas

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get to your employees out of the office, having fun, and building relationships. If you have a lot of employees, you can split them into smaller teams and have them compete against each other. There are a few ways that you can do this. The first is to place clues around your city and send them on their way to follow the clues.

Another option is to create a photo scavenger hunt instead of creating clues. You can provide the teams with a list of questions that they will work on solving the answers to together. Send them around the city searching for things like the oldest date in the cemetery, a picture of a cat, and all different kinds of activities that the group has to complete together. Make them document their experiences and answers in photographs. Or, if you don’t want to figure out putting together a scavenger hunt on your own, you can take advantage of a company like Big City Hunt which has scavenger hunts put together in cities across the country.

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get people working together and getting to know each other at the same time. Have the scavenger hunt end at a restaurant where you can all enjoy a meal together.

Escape Rooms

What better way to get your team working together then to lock them in a room together and make them work together in order to get out? Escape rooms like Quest Factory, provide a great team building experience. The members of your staff will work together to discover each person’s strengths in order to solve the clues that will help find their way out. Each escape room has a different theme that keeps the puzzle solving challenging and exciting. Large teams can split into groups to compete against each other to see who gets out first.

The challenge of escaping from the room will give your employees a common goal to focus on. Employees that don’t know each other well will quickly jump in to accomplish the goal.

Volunteer together

There are many ways that you can incorporate team building into doing good for others. Organize a time for your employees to build a house with Habitat for Humanity, organize a clothing drive, or a food drive. Spend time volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. When you give people a common goal to work towards accomplishing, while helping others, they will have an emotional experience that connects them together. Achieving the goal of the activity you are volunteering to do will take precedence over any differences that individual team members have.

Team Chopped

Take a note from Food Network and organize a Chopped-style team event. Split your employees into teams and have them work together at a cook-off. Have them compete at making an appetizer, entree, and dessert while including unusual dishes that you have created. Find a few people to play judge that will be unbiased in their decisions. Some will have natural abilities here and others will struggle, but as a team, they will work together in an attempt to outlast the other teams.

Capture the flag

Take everyone back to their childhood with a good ol’ fashion game of capture the flag. Find a park or another piece of property where you can have plenty of room to play. Divide your employees into two teams and give them time to devise a strategy to defend their flag and capture the other team’s. You will be amazed at the way this game will take people back to having childlike fun and you will see people collaborate in a whole new way in order to win.

When doing team activities, you can split teams up into teams by departments. Or, you can intermix departmental employees in order to reduce the chance of workplace silos. Either way, providing your employees with a chance to have some fun away from the office will improve their communication within the workplace.