31 Oct

4 Creative Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Believe it or not the holidays are quickly approaching. Christmas decorations have been out in the stores since the beginning of October. Whether you like it or not the gift-giving season will be upon us before we know it. Some people have been shopping for months. They have been working to score the perfect gift for each person on their list. They hate waiting until the last minute. Others are out in the mall on Christmas Eve fighting the crowds to find what is left on the picked-over shelves. Well, whichever crowd you can identify with, we can help you out.

Finding the perfect gift for each person on your list can be difficult. That’s why we compiled a list of 4 creative gifts that everyone on your holiday shopping list will love.

1. Family photographs

There is one thing that every person loves – their family. That’s why purchasing a family photo shoot is a gift that everyone is sure to love. It is the perfect gift idea for just about anyone. Engaged couples can capture their prewedding photos, pregnant women can do a maternity photo shoot or a newborn photo shoot, and whole families can gather together to capture a photograph of them altogether.

Or, if you have already had your family photographs taken you can use them as presents to give others for the holidays. There is nothing that a grandparent loves more than their grandchild. Wrap up a canvas of their favorite children, or have the picture put on a coffee mug, blanket, or shirt. The options are endless and the gift is timeless and will be cherished for years.

2. Escape Room gift card

Many people are getting tired of receiving more “stuff” at the holidays. Houses are bursting at the seams as it is and the holidays bring more “stuff” that we don’t need into our homes. This year, instead of giving more stuff to the people on your list provide them with an experience. Escape rooms provide fun for all ages. Couples can use it as a fun date night. Families can use it to see how well they can work together against the clock. And, extended families can try their hand at solving a room together, or even compete against each other to see which group can make it through faster.

If you are tired of giving more stuff and things people don’t really need for the holidays, provide them with an experience they will never forget instead. Quest Factory escape rooms in LA offers 6 different rooms for you to choose from.

3. Homemade gifts

Try giving homemade gifts this year to the people on your list. Instead of choosing one kind of item to make for everyone try thinking of something that each individual person would like on their own. You could make lotions or bath salts, coasters out of Scrabble tiles, painted pallet signs, or cookies. The important thing is that you think of something each individual person would like.

If you got this route you are going to want to start early. No one wants to be up all night on Christmas Eve trying to quickly finish gifts before it is time to start opening them.

4. Tickets

What does the person on your list love? Is there a favorite singer or sporting event they enjoy? Is there a play or comedian act coming to town? If so, provide your loved one with tickets to the event, but don’t make it contingent on you being able to go with them. This is a thoughtful way to allow them to experience something they would love doing will being reminded of you while they participate.

Gift giving doesn’t have to involve wrapping up an object to give. Think about an item or experience that your family or friend would love to do. You can give them this experience as a gift this year. Use this holiday season as a time to give gifts that allow the recipient to create memories that will last a lifetime.